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It will be interesting to see where that takes him now that he's developed a new part of himself after episode eight. It's very sad and it's definitely a cliffhanger in terms what might happen in the future between those two characters. That does makes sense Particularly, seeing as Adam hasn't even apologised to Eric. Still for the Adam and Eric shippers out there, that does sound like we could be getting more Eram content in season 2. Although we could also be getting a completely new love interest for Eric.

In an interview with Paper , Ncuti Gatwa seemed to hint that Eric could have a new man in his future: Your privacy is important to us. Submit Photo. Drag the box to select a part of the image. Official Site. Play All Videos.

Netflix's Sex Education creator teases what's next for Eric and Adam in season 2

Please watch the new show Sex Education () on netflix. It has 8 episodes and it's amazing. This was such a plot twist, I'm shaking! I mean I. Please watch the new show Sex Education () on Netflix. I didn't expect for Adam and Eric to kiss and have a gay sex scene in 1x08 Sex.

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Fucking Adam Dominicano, Dominican 2. Despite being very different in terms of their respective sexualities, Otis and Eric share everything, and even dress up for a yearly pilgrimage to watch a performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch together. Gatwa also appeared in Stonemouth , a BBC crime drama mini-series, in On Sex Education , Kedar Williams-Stirling plays Jackson, a popular varsity swimmer who has won over the adoration of not just his peers, but the school headmaster as well, and one reluctant outcast who helps Otis with the sex clinic.

The year-old actor may be more familiar to British audiences, as he is known for his roles on Will , the TNT drama series about William Shakespeare set in the Elizabethan era, or Wolfblood, the BBC supernatural teen drama about werewolves. Connor Swindells plays Adam, the school bully who becomes the first customer of Otis and Maeve's sex clinic.

Not only is Adam failing his classes, he's also struggling to achieve the approval of his father, the school's headmaster. The year-old started out as a boxer before he pivoted to acting. Now, in addition to Sex Education , he has appeared in VS. Aimee Lou Wood plays the delightfully ditzy Aimee, Adam's on-again, off-again girlfriend. She may seem flighty and aloof, but if it weren't for Aimme, Maeve and Otis wouldn't have had the idea to start the clinic in the first place.

To date, Sex Education is Wood's only listed film or television project. Almost made me cry.


Aimee reminds me of the mousy girl from Skins the UK version and Ola is a Janelle Monae clone check out the dance scene. Y'all don't have to worry, Eram or Adic, you choose is definitely happening. Adam is coming back for sure. Worst character for me would have to be the headmaster. Aka adams dad. He's an absolute asshole!!!

Why does the other gay kid at the school even exist? Like he has absolutely 0 redeeming qualities. I hope they don't try to make him soften up in the second season because after a whole season of him just being 1 dimensionally cruel for no real reason, it'd feel super forced to suddenly make him a human being.

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I think the purpose is because often in a show the only two hay characters often end up together. This show is able to have a gay character that's more than just a partner for the main character. I saw someone comment a while ago about how much they hate Adam because he has zero redeeming qualities or characteristics. I can't even begin to comprehend that view. He is such a tragic and nuanced character yes, I get the "bully turns out to be gay" thing is a trope, but they nailed his character and writing. I started to watch this show late but this is my whole perspective on the whole thing.

Sure in my mind the ending was disappointing but it's all set up for the next season. A lot of people here are rooting for Ola and Otis, but I don't think they will last mainly because I don't think Otis truly loves her.

Adam & Eric - Too good at goodbyes ( Sex education )

I say this because it's the reason Maeve didn't continue with Jackson, she just didn't love him, whereas it's clear maeve and Otis love one another. I mean I only think Otis was able to kiss Ola because Maeve helped take him out of his shell in the first place. I also think that maybe Ola is not entirely straight, I mean maybe she is who knows but she did give off a maybe like lesbian or trans vibe.

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Fair enough it just might be my stereotyping at work, but I feel Ola will get a lot of character development next season and it wouldn't shock me if the writers went down that route. Again I might be wrong, but the writers are very clever at disguising things, plus their young so they will still learn a lot about themselves. At the end of the day, Maeve and Otis are interesting opposites and I would like to see them together because what they have just feels real, especially in the little romantic moments they have.

He brings out the vulnerable and sensitive side out of her and she brings the more adventurous side out of him, they compliment one another very well, so not seeing them together next season or in the long term will feel like a smack to the face really. This is what I also thought, because if Maeve and Otis ended up together in the end of season 1.

It would probably have felt like an ending of the show. So they obviously have to end on a cliff hanger. And hopefully something will actually happen between them in season 2. Otis would have at least made it clear in the letter that they would remain friends, no? This is the only bit that bothered me, although one could argue that he's just a sweet guy.

He is also often naive about the way he comes across. I think it has to do with all of the sexual innuendos they put in the scene before the kiss. Like, while Eric was folding up the stand Adam was blowing into the harmonica and then blowing spit balls at him, which are both a nod to Adam then blowing Eric.

It's also interesting that after Adam spit in Eric's face he said, "how do you like it? I think the spit may signify cum although this may be a stretch. It can also be a broader more abstract symbolization of both Adam and Eric getting rid of all of their anger toward each other before creating a new bond. But mostly I think its a reference to cum. I just want to say that I thought Ola was the plumber's wife until he said that "my daughter picks me up" like two episodes later. Like most people, I would be happy if Maeve ended up with Otis, because her entire life has already been shit and her not ending up with the only person she realized she loves is pretty tragic.

I'm a pessimist, but I still don't like tragedies. Seriously, though, in terms of upbringing and resonance, Ola isn't bad for Otis at all. She's confident, but polite. She's also extremely intelligent, but has had a better parental background. Most of the first season has been Otis adjusting himself to Maeve's wishes, even almost sacrificing his friendship with Eric in the process.

His advice to Liam was also his own catharsis, because he finally recognized that it wasn't Maeve's fault she didn't like him as much as he liked her. While Maeve realized that Otis was the one who knew her all along, Otis had already transitioned towards moving on - and Ola isn't bad at all. Most of the first season has been Otis being dragged around by Maeve and ignoring what he's done.

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I hope to see Maeve actually drive herself to be a better person for Otis: This is so well written. Just makes it even harder for me to wait for season 2. I think season 2 will be more about Maeve's character development rather than Otis'. She has two options as far as I see it:. I predict that we will see maeve do the latter in the first half of season 2 followed by the former in the second half.